Saturday, October 1, 2011

Martial Tactical Training Every Saturday at Battleground

Join us every Saturday for Martial Tactical Training at Battleground.

WHAT: Modern day reality based martial tactical training sessions for personal protection. Specialized training sessions specifically designed for today’s private citizens. Training fundamentals will include both armed and unarmed practical solutions geared toward aggressive encounters. The tactics and techniques covered will include applications of recommended modern daily carry items and their unarmed equivalents. These unique protection technologies are taught to elite Military, Law Enforcement, & Security personnel. Note: Do not confuse or compare this type of specialized training with common self-defense or martial “arts” methods.

A Community Service For Ohio Residents

WHEN: Every Saturday at 12:30 pm. ARRIVE EARLY.

WHERE: Sakura Battleground - 4205 Hills and Dales Rd. NW Canton
Ohio 44708. Near the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

WHO: This training is open to anyone 18 years & older. No prior experience
is necessary. Ideal for Women, Men, Senior Citizens, Ohio CCW holders,
Martial Artists, Law Enforcement, Military & Security personnel.

WEAR: Loose, comfortable, clean daily or duty clothing.

EQUIPMENT: Bring nothing. We will supply everything you need.

FEE: Each session is $20.00 per household.

INSTRUCTOR: John Viol is the primary instructor for these Martial Tactical training sessions. Mr. Viol began his training in 1967, and in 1977 he became a close quarter combat weapons trainer overseas where he excelled as an edged weaponry specialist. Mr. Viol was tested and licensed as a classical martial sciences instructor during nearly two decades of training in Japan and Korea. His experiences have also included being a consultant to members of Military, Law Enforcement and Dignitary protection agencies.

Telephone: 330-492-9100

This training is endorsed by the
United States Martial Tactical Association.
Firearms instruction is provided by certified NRA instructors.

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