Wednesday, October 12, 2011

US Martial Tactical Instructor Course

US-MTA Instructor Training Course Level 1


WHAT: This course will be a two day, twelve hour, intensive training program covering the training, standards, and requirements to become a level 1 certified instructor for the United States Martial Tactical Association.

WHEN: Saturday November 12th, and Sunday November 13th, 2011. Starts at 9:00 am each day. ARRIVE EARLY to assist with preparation and setup.

WHERE: Battleground and Shinbukan 4205 and 4201 Hills and Dales Rd. NW Canton, OH 44708

WHO: This training is available to US-MTA members 21 years and older. Desired qualifications - but not critical to attend the level 1 course:

* Strong martial training background.
* Solid base in firearms safety and fundamentals.
* Actively participating in martial and / or tactical related training.
* Current basic First Aid certification.
* Basic firearms certification from the NRA or equivalent authoritative entity.
* Qualified for a concealed carry permit.

WEAR: Loose, comfortable, clean training clothes. Khaki cargo pants and black covert shirt encouraged.

MATERIALS: Bring note taking supplies.


* Tactical pen - Smith and Wesson M&P is the current top choice.
* Tactical flashlight - Surefire E2D LED Defender is the current top choice
* Wood baton - Any type as long as it is 24 inches long.
* Extendable baton - ASP is still the best.
* Rubber pistol and matched holster - Rubber Glock clone and paddle holster.
* Folding knife - Unsharp safety metal training folding knife.
* Battle lanyard - With approved speed snaps and attachment ring.
All equipment is available for purchase at Sakura Battleground. US-MTA member discounts apply. Call for an instructor course package deal.

We will supply any other equipment you will need. Water, juice, and healthy eats will be available during two 30 minute breaks.

FEE: $255.00 per person. Fee covers supplied materials, equipment, shooting simulator usage, Airsoft gas pellets, and gun rental. Certification is included and will be presented upon successful completion.

  • NOTE: This course fee is not refundable under any circumstances. Be clear on this before you register and pay. There will be no exceptions.
Advance Registration Only - Due by November 10th, 2011.

INSTRUCTORS: John Viol - US-MTA National Director, Chief Technical Adviser, and department head of the Instructor Training Division. Fundamental pistol training for this course will be provided by NRA certified firearms instructor Brian Pinkerton. Contact us to for more information or to apply for instructor certification.
DETAILS: Contact John Viol for more details or with any inquiries.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

US Martial Tactical Association TacTips!

New - Just added to the US Martial Tactical web site - TacTips. Martial Tactical training tips. Click on the TacTips link to see the latest Tip. Let us know what you think. Submit your request for TacTip tip topics.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

US Martial Tactical Calendar of Events

Martial Tactical Training Every Saturday at Battleground

Join us every Saturday for Martial Tactical Training at Battleground.

WHAT: Modern day reality based martial tactical training sessions for personal protection. Specialized training sessions specifically designed for today’s private citizens. Training fundamentals will include both armed and unarmed practical solutions geared toward aggressive encounters. The tactics and techniques covered will include applications of recommended modern daily carry items and their unarmed equivalents. These unique protection technologies are taught to elite Military, Law Enforcement, & Security personnel. Note: Do not confuse or compare this type of specialized training with common self-defense or martial “arts” methods.

A Community Service For Ohio Residents

WHEN: Every Saturday at 12:30 pm. ARRIVE EARLY.

WHERE: Sakura Battleground - 4205 Hills and Dales Rd. NW Canton
Ohio 44708. Near the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

WHO: This training is open to anyone 18 years & older. No prior experience
is necessary. Ideal for Women, Men, Senior Citizens, Ohio CCW holders,
Martial Artists, Law Enforcement, Military & Security personnel.

WEAR: Loose, comfortable, clean daily or duty clothing.

EQUIPMENT: Bring nothing. We will supply everything you need.

FEE: Each session is $20.00 per household.

INSTRUCTOR: John Viol is the primary instructor for these Martial Tactical training sessions. Mr. Viol began his training in 1967, and in 1977 he became a close quarter combat weapons trainer overseas where he excelled as an edged weaponry specialist. Mr. Viol was tested and licensed as a classical martial sciences instructor during nearly two decades of training in Japan and Korea. His experiences have also included being a consultant to members of Military, Law Enforcement and Dignitary protection agencies.

Telephone: 330-492-9100

This training is endorsed by the
United States Martial Tactical Association.
Firearms instruction is provided by certified NRA instructors.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Martial Tactical Web Site Launch

Set your calendar for November 1st, 2011. That is the date the new United States Martial Tactical Association public web site will be launched. We are working behind the scenes now to make the new site a favorite destination on the web. For anyone interesting in giving feedback before we launch, we are offering a preview of some pages upon request.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to the US Martial Tactical Blog

This blog is for all United States Martial Tactical Association members to discuss all things martial and tactical. For more US Martial Tactical information, see our web site at: